When Stars Are Scattered

When Stars Are Scattered

Book - 2020
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STPLKidsCauseway Jan 07, 2021

When Stars are Scattered is a beautifully told story about an orphaned boy in a refugee camp who must take care of his non-verbal little brother, learn English, and study hard in order to make a life for the family he has left. This graphic novel not only shows diversity in culture but in those with disabilities as well. It depicts the hard life of children in refugee camps but uplifts the reader by teaching them to never give up on their dreams.

Jan 04, 2021

Be like a star. Shine your light. Shine your story.
(From 'A Poem of Stars' by Maryam Farah)

Victoria Jamieson and Omar Mohamed have given us a gift by sharing his story of growing up in a Kenyan refugee camp. The scope and breadth of the camps is so much bigger than we can imagine. Graphics like the celebration of Eid show us the immense numbers that occupy these camps. Omar and his disabled brother Hassan sleep in the dirt for years. They wait and wait for those coveted interview opportunities. It is heartbreaking to read about the wait for water, the 'empty days,' the crowded school rooms, playing with plastic bags for balls and swings, a game making bricks out of mud. . . We are so blessed and unaware of what is happening in the world until we read stories like these. May we search for opportunities to be a blessing to immigrants like Omar.

Hillsboro_RobP Dec 16, 2020

You can probably guess the general details of this book before you even read it, but that doesn't diminish Omar's amazing story in the slightest. Jamieson does justice to the emotional roller-coaster of Omar's life, and the book will pull you in every direction before it closes. Eye-opening, personal, and approachable for young readers. This is an important book.

Oct 31, 2020

Excellent graphic novel about life as a refugee. Read it. You will be glad you did.

Oct 15, 2020

Let me start by saying, When the Stars Are Scattered is insanely good. We meet brothers Omar and Hassan living the endless grind that is life in a refugee camp in Dadeb, a Kenyan refugee camp. Omar spends his days in chores, caring for his disabled brother, and the occasional game of soccer, while missing his mother and dreaming of returning to Ethiopia. Small events like being pushed towards attending school, his friend's refugee status interview, and meeting a social worker cause ripples that have huge impacts on Hassan and Omar's future. Everything is waiting, and hoping, and trying not to hope too much, while finding things to live for. Omar tries to prepare for a life after refugee camp while he sees how easily dreams can be whisked away. Omar is acutely aware he has more control over his future than his female friends do.

This book is full of feeling. Watching Omar build his found family with his foster mother in the camp, and both long to leave and be consumed by jealousy as other peoples' refugee cases proceed gives a just an idea of how difficult it is to be so powerless, and how empowering it can be to have something to work towards. This book reminds me a little of A Long Walk to Water, and is a must-read for kids and adults. I am so excited for students who have experience as refugees to be able to see themselves in this book!

Sep 10, 2020

An amazing true survival story of two boys who grow up in a huge refugee camp in Kenya, after their father is killed and their mother disappears in Somalia. The best graphic novel I’ve ever read - couldn’t put it down- and a probable Newbery Award contender!

FPL_LaurenH Sep 01, 2020

Omar and his brother Hassan are orphans living in a Kenyan refugee camp. They long to be relocated to the United States. When Omar begins attending school, he thinks it will finally be their turn, but leaving the camp proves harder than they though. From beginning to end, this book will tug at your heartstrings. Fans of Refugee by Alan Gratz will be captivated by this story.

Aug 25, 2020

Omar’s life in the refugee camp has been an adventure. An orphan from the civil unrest in Somalia, he is put into a refugee camp, Dadaab, with his brother, Hassan. Their story captures the life in refugee camps; the hopeful moments, the hopeless ones, the joyful ones, the tragic ones. But all you can do is wait. And hope. This powerful story is a great read, and I hope that you find it as fun to read as I did!

Aug 25, 2020

When Stars Are Scattered by Victoria Jamieson and Omar Mohamed, is a book that when you pick it up, it appears to be a graphic novel for children. It is presented in a graphic/comic format and it is a true story. So, it is not fiction. It is Omar Mohamed’s story. Omar is a Somalian refugee who ended up in Kenya at the age of four with his younger brother, Hassan. Hassan does not speak and he suffers from seizures.
The story begins when Omar is 11. The two brothers are still refugees living in a crowed Kenyan refugee camp. They believe they are likely orphans because they last saw their mother telling them to run as she tried to find her husband while facing a violent attack from armed soldiers.
This is a story that covers 15 years of Omar’s life. It is tragic, realistic, and ultimately full of hope. It opens up the topics of refugees, why people run away from their country, being without a country, limited opportunities in a “closed” refugee camp, the difference in opportunities for boys verses girls in such a camp, compassion and community within a camp, friendships, and so much more.
The text and graphics come together to tell the story well. It provides depth and humanity to the reality of children who are refugees. It would a good book for a ‘family read’ (with lots of discussion) for families with kids 10 and up. Teachers may also find it to be appropriate to assign or read to a group. It is a good book. I recommend it.

Aug 17, 2020

A great read for both kids and adults! I would suggest it to 4th graders and up. It might be confusing to younger kids simply because of the concepts in it.

PimaLib_LoisM Aug 12, 2020

This amazing graphic novel is the true story of Omar Mohamed and his developmentally disabled brother Hassan, who grew up in a refugee camp in Kenya after fleeing the war in Somalia. Even though refugee camps are supposed to be temporary locations, Omar and Hassan ended up living in the camp for 15 years before being resettled in Tucson, Arizona. This graphic novel is co-written and beautifully illustrated by Victoria Jamieson, creator of the graphic novels All's Faire in Middle School and Newbery Honor book Roller Girl.

Jul 25, 2020

This was such a good graphic novel. You really get a feel for how refugees are treated and what happens in these camps. You want the main characters to be resettled anywhere but where they are. The love that these brothers have for each other is amazing and beautiful.

LPL_MattL Jul 21, 2020

When Stars are Scattered is a graphic novel telling the story of Omar Mohamed’s childhood growing up in a refugee camp. Omar had to flee his home with his younger brother Hassan, his father was killed and his mother was missing. Through Omar’s story we learn the stark realities of a refugee's life—there’s never enough food, the daily routine is exhausting and there is virtually no access to medical care needed for Hassan.

Omar is eventually able to attend school and build a surrogate family with others in his community. Though Omar’s life is far removed from what most kids experience, there are also similarities. He struggles with school, friendships and family, but through it all Omar hopes for a better life despite his seemingly insurmountable difficulties.

Victoria Jamieson tells Omar’s story with a graphic art style that appeals to young readers and she beautifully captures the special bond between the two brothers. Make sure to read the section at the back of the book to learn about Omar’s life after the refugee camp. I highly reccommend this book to both adults and children, it is an important book that encourages understanding and empathy.

LPL_MaryW Feb 02, 2020

Omar’s childhood was interrupted when militants overtook his peaceful village in Somalia, killing his father and forcing the villagers to run for their lives. Separated from their mother, four-year-old Omar and baby brother Hassan fled to a refugee camp in Kenya. As they grew up, Omar cared for Hassan, who was nonverbal and differently abled, and they were taken in by a foster mother. Omar fought for his education, and after years of endless waiting, the stars finally aligned. A stunning account of resilience, hope, and the truest love you can ever imagine, When Stars Are Scattered gives voice and humanity to those most often rejected.

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