Evolution Impossible

Evolution Impossible

12 Reasons Why Evolution Cannot Explain the Origin of Life on Earth

eBook - 2012
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There is scientific evidence proving evolution cannot be responsible for life on Earth. It is time to question what biology textbooks and nature documentaries claim about human origins. Even Darwin admitted, 'I threw out queries, suggestions, wondering all the time over everything; and to my astonishment the ideas took like wildfire. People made a religion of them.' Dr. John Ashton has dedicated 40+ years to teaching and researching science, and exposing the lack of proven evidence for Darwin's theories. In Evolution Impossible, he uses discoveries in genetics, biochemistry, geology, radiometric dating, and other scientific disciplines to explain why the theory of evolution is a myth. Discover: Why the fossil record is evidence of extinction, not evolution. How erosion and sedimentation dates conflict with radiometric dating. How the lack of transitional fossils undermines evolutionary notions. Why living cells and new organisms do not rise by chance or random mutations. Regardless of readers' level of scientific education, they will finish this book able to cite 12 reasons why evolution cannot explain the origin of life.
Publisher: [United States] : Master Books : Made available through hoopla, 2012.
ISBN: 9781614582571
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Mee2 May 09, 2016

And proving one thing doesn't disprove another.


serob May 08, 2016

Think about it: disproving one thing does not prove another.
Either you are evidence based and prefer science to faith, or you are faith based and prefer belief over evidence. Most are somewhere in between and struggle with one, the other or both concepts. Evolution and creationism (including it's close cousin, intelligent design) are only two amongst other theories of life/consciousness generation. Happy happy!

EuSei May 05, 2016

And Naturalist twice--almost always!

May 05, 2016

"Turtles all the way down." illustrates the creationist problem of infinite regress.
faulty premise!
there are no evolutionary biology theories of how the life on earth began, that is a different scientific discipline.
Abiogenesis is the ongoing study of the process by which life arose / arises naturally from non-living matter. Perhaps start your exploration of this subject with Wikipedia:
Thus, the real purpose of this book is to mislead the uneducated or gullible.
re post: "Actually many evolutionists have come up with evolutionary "theories" on how the earth began" that would be cosmology
“Sadly, an Honest Creationist”
by Richard Dawkins, posted to SCEPSIS – With Doubt Comes Freedom
“Finally, Most Young Americans Now Accept Evolution Over Creationism”
by Robin Andrews, posted November 25, 2015 to IFL Science
“Denton vs Squid; the eye as suboptimal design.”
by Ian Musgrave, posted November 14, 2006, Panda’s Thumb
catalogued in the 200s Religion for a reason!
and, just added,
posted 11/12/2011 to thejourney2011

May 12, 2015

Actually many evolutionists have come up with evolutionary "theories" on how the earth began, yet, everyone is saying that John Ashton is attacking a straw man argument when he is simply engaging evolutionary theories on how the earth began. keep in mind he doesn't just engage evolutionary theories on the beginning of the earth, he engages the changing of kinds into other kinds and other types. don't be too quick too judge, its a good book and to anyone who is struggling with whether or not they think they should believe in evolution or God or not, I would highly recommend this book. And to naturalist, this "planetary science" is not actually in line with accurate structural physics, look it up on answers in genesis or other websites, it's a good read. Has anyone ever seen a planet form from space rocks, generate resources such as water, and grow life forms? Also, it may have been categorized as "religion" in the library, but that's really only because the people running the library most likely because they believe in evolution themselves, not because it's really not science. There are also evolutionary "theories" on the origin of life, so that's not a straw man he was attacking either, in fact, look up the old, disproved, idea of spontaneous generation, you'll find that it and abiogenesis are pretty much the same.

Feb 22, 2015

You are too kind. Trash like this is a waste of our library dollars.

Dec 31, 2014

Evolution has nothing to say on the origin of LIFE, but the origin of species. No matter what the 12 reasons the author has created, they are pointless: the origin of life (how life began) has no bearing on what happens afterwards.

Here we have a whole book, trying to invalidate a working science, over a misconception of what that science relates to. Hopefully the book is better written then the cover.

Oct 09, 2014

The subtitle exposes the flaw in John F. Ashton's reasoning. Evolution never has had anything to do with the origin of life (abiogenesis). Nobody knows that. This is so much the case that, beyond speculation, there have yet to be any scientific theories developed about abiogenesis.

Ashton is either delusional or disingenuous. Since it's not fair to judge someones mental health based on reading a book title and since this man was able to cobble together a book (using the commonly made argument — the trick of conflating evolution and abiogenesis — to defend theism and besmirch the scientific method), I'll posit that it's the latter.

Oct 09, 2014

reference to the author: . . http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/CMI_list_of_scientists_alive_today_who_accept_the_biblical_account_of_creation
and the study of "how the earth began" would more appropriately be called planetary science, a division of astronomy
and from the website: "Master Books is the largest publisher of creation-based resources for all ages", an admission that this item is not a science book -- properly catalogued in the 200s, Religion, not in the 500s Science.

Aug 31, 2014

Great! The author gives twelve, evidence based reasons for why everyone should reject evolution.


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