On Writing
On Writing A Memoir of the Craft By King, Stephen, 1947- Book - 2000

I was gifted this book by my grandfather, though I am sorry to say that I wasn't a huge fan. There was nothing wrong with it, except for the fact that it didn't establish a tone quickly enough, resulting in a slow, uninteresting start. I would consider reading it again to check if I had missed something, but not anytime soon.
I have just read it again, this book is confusing, the preface talks about how King doesn't want to get distracted or wistful or add BS to his writing advice, he promised he wouldn't waste the reader's time. Then he tells us about his life, from start to current day, it takes up half of the book, and it's a waste of time. Most of it is written to massage his own ego, as iot has nothing to do with writing most of the time, then towards the end he gets into the "advice", most of it has to do with how he's apparently such a genius for not believing in silly things like God, I mean no one's ever done that before (sarcasm). He talks about him, him, him. It doesn't help me trust him any more that he claims he was an alcoholic, glosses over it and still sings praises to his own "genius" when a lot of his titles, were huge flops. Thank you Mr.King, for wasting my time, I would much rather read one of your better titles which are fictional and have little if nothing to do with you.

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