Annabelle is a girl who has experienced a trauma and the only thing that she can think to do is run. She’s a runner and she finds some solace there. She doesn’t want to ever stop running so begins a run across the country - 16 miles, a half marathon, a day.

I couldn’t help but to get caught up in her journey and her terror. Again and again she reminds us how women live in fear, are never safe in the world but she doesn’t try to come up with answers. She just runs. As she points out in a speech that she gives, she believed that danger would be taken care of by others like adults, those in power in society but it is not.

Her character is believable and engaging. That she can pull off the run across the country is hard to believe but somehow the author managed to pull me along with it. This is a book for our times and I strongly recommend it to everyone. As an adult, it was a satisfying read despite being labeled as YA.

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