Annabelle's story is one of fiction, but I wouldn't have been surprised if it was a real story. Running across the country from Seattle to DC-2,700 miles- helps Annabelle process a traumatic event that rocked a community, and figure out how to accept support from the people that love her.

While this book centers around a specific type of trauma in Annabelle's life, the emotions she feels as a result are something anyone that has experienced trauma can relate to.
Annabelle struggles with guilt, and the idea that she should have known, she should have seen the warning signs before The Taker exploded. The reader is asked to face what they would have done in Annabelle's situation, and questions why this is such an issue in our society today. I loved this book because it serves as a powerful reminder that there may be support where you least expect to find it. Annabelle learns to find her voice, share her story and empower a nation all while learning her heart is stronger than she believed.

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