When Stars are Scattered is a graphic novel telling the story of Omar Mohamed’s childhood growing up in a refugee camp. Omar had to flee his home with his younger brother Hassan, his father was killed and his mother was missing. Through Omar’s story we learn the stark realities of a refugee's life—there’s never enough food, the daily routine is exhausting and there is virtually no access to medical care needed for Hassan.

Omar is eventually able to attend school and build a surrogate family with others in his community. Though Omar’s life is far removed from what most kids experience, there are also similarities. He struggles with school, friendships and family, but through it all Omar hopes for a better life despite his seemingly insurmountable difficulties.

Victoria Jamieson tells Omar’s story with a graphic art style that appeals to young readers and she beautifully captures the special bond between the two brothers. Make sure to read the section at the back of the book to learn about Omar’s life after the refugee camp. I highly reccommend this book to both adults and children, it is an important book that encourages understanding and empathy.

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