Sophie Mercer is a witch. She lives with her mom, a mortal, and doesn't really know her dad, a warlock. After a spell she casts at her high school prom goes way wrong, Sophie gets sent to Hecate "Hex" Hall, which is basically a reform school for magical beings. Shortly after her arrival, another witch is brutally attacked and the other students blame Sophie's roommate Jenna, a vampire. Sophie tries to clear Jenna's name while also trying to avoid falling for the school's resident hottie.

This was so much fun! I devoured it. Sophie is clumsy and goofy and funny and just so relatable to every girl who wasn't part of the beautiful mean girl crowd in high school. Jenna is adorable. How can you dislike a vampire whose favorite color is hot pink?

The pacing of the mystery is spot-on and while I had theories that got a little close to the truth, I was still surprised by the ending.

But holy Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Batman, some elements of this book and that show were eerily similar. This book was published years before the Netflix show (I recommend seasons 1 & 2 but I was horribly disappointed by the silliness of season 3) but I haven't watched the '90s show or read the comics so I don't know who influenced whom, but it was impossible not to picture the three dark witches as The Weird Sisters or Archer as Nick Scratch. Still, it's all fun, I just felt it was worth mentioning.

I highly recommend this for anyone in need of a fast-paced, well-characterized fantasy. I'll be picking up the sequel soon.

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