Resilience Hard-won Wisdom for Living A Better Life By Greitens, Eric, 1974- Book - 2015

Disappointing. The author wrote a bunch of lengthy, dense letters to a friend who was going through a rough time. The tone and language of the letters makes it appear clear that they were written specifically for publication, rather than being written to help a navy buddy suffering from alcoholism and PTSD.
The author then published the letters and traded off his having qualified as a Navy Seal. The Seal community universally condemned him for this, given their ethos of not seeking personal attention and glory for doing their job. As well, they were unhappy because although he completed Seal training, he left the military at the earliest opportunity without ever having led a Seal team. His unfortunate friend's (the recipient of the letters) name subsequently became public, while the author reserved a number of web domain names indicating he would run for senator, president, etc. in the future. He is currently running for Governor of Missouri and is the subject of scorn from his former colleagues.

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