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A Life in Secrets
Vera Atkins and the Missing Agents of WWII
Book - 2006
D-Day Girls
The Spies Who Armed the Resistance, Sabotaged the Nazis, and Helped Win World War II
Book - 2019
MacArthur's Spies
The Soldier, the Singer, and the Spymaster Who Defied the Japanese in World War II
Book - 2017
Operatives, Spies, and Saboteurs
The Unknown Story of the Men and Women of World War II's OSS
Book - 2004
The Spy Wore Red
My Adventures as An Undercover Agent in World War II
by Aline
Book - 1987
Code Name
Lise : the True Story of World War II's Most Highly Decorated Spy
Book - 2019
A Woman of No Importance
The Untold Story of the American Spy Who Helped Win World War II
Book - 2019
Into the Lion's Mouth
The True Story of Dusko Popov : World War II Spy, Patriot, and the Real-life Inspiration for James Bond
Book - 2016
The Last Goodnight
A World War II Story of Espionage, Adventure, and Betrayal
Book - 2016
Agent 110
An American Spymaster and the German Resistance in WWII
Book - 2017
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